The Big News

It’s been a while since my last post but there is soo much more to write about I am ready to dive back in. Within the last couple months I have been getting back to normal and enjoying family, friends, and just life in general!

After my second surgery on June 28th I finally got to go home a couple days later and was excited to be at home. This recovery took longer than the first surgery but I had been through a lot and besides the pain I felt great :) . Since the surgery was done laproscopically and it was mainly in my abdomen area…. Getting up and down was a challenge and very tough for the first week.

I had many visitors during my recovery period and my wonderful family / friends would trade off bringing Gisela and I meals so we had soo much food and it was great. They were so sweet to come and didn’t want to bother me but I loved seeing my family and they were great through this whole ordeal.

After a couple weeks I missed a call from the Dr. Brandes and just thought that he was checking up on me which he was but there was another reason as well. On July 8th I got a call when I was working at home from the Doc. The biopsy was back that was done on the lymphnodes and 4 of 17 I believe were positive for cancer cells and that meant it wasn’t all gone :( . I could again tell in his voice he had bad news and he proceeded to tell me that I would have to undergo 2 rounds of chemo. Every single fear, emotion ran through my body at once and I had a hard time speaking. I let the Dr. go and dropped the phone on the ground and started to cry. I knew there was a small possibility that this was going to happen but I already had bad luck getting cancer again and now this!!! I was devastated.

So many options I felt lost

There is such a stigma associated with Chemotherapy and for some reason it was the worst news yet. I knew what I had to do but I was at my lowest point. I called my mom and told her the news and although she is usually positive about everything and is glass half full type of person I could tell she was scared as well. I told her I would be OK and had to let Gisela know as well. I was soo shaken up I never in my life had been as scared as I was at that moment. I had already had to deal with losing my dad at a young age, beat cancer once, got assaulted and had to have plastic surgery, now I have cancer again and have to do chemo all before I am 30!!…. All I wanted to do was fight through it and remain strong for my mom, friends, and Gisela.

Now I had to find a Dr. in network that I could trust and start this process ASAP because testicular cancer moves very fast and I had no time to play around.

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