Surgery #1 – Right Orchiectomy

Me excited for surgery….I Think :)

So surgery was set for April 19th to remove the right tumor / testicle and place implants in for visual appeal :) . I consider the implants similar to a boob job but you can’t really show them off because that would most likely be frowned upon. This surgery was outpatient and I was in and out in a couple of hours. I wasn’t really nervous because I had already had an Orchiectomy on the left side so I was familiar with the process.

My mom and I arrived at the hospital in the morning and waited in the large waiting room for people awaiting surgery. It’s amazing the amount of traffic at Barnes Jewish and just how much goes on 24/7. I couldn’t be in better hands at BJC and that helped with my stress level when going into surgery.

The Bank

Rewinding a little bit… Before the surgery day I was instructed to go to the sperm bank to preserve what good swimmers I had left. 5 years ago I didn’t do this because I was in a different place in my life and was told one is all you need so I was under the assumption this wouldn’t surface again but I was wrong.

If you’ve never been to a sperm bank it is kind of an odd experience. It makes it even weirder when you run into someone you used to work with. Leave it up to me to know someone at the sperm bank.

You go into a small room and do what you need to do and give them the sample. I had to go back another time to attempt to get a better sample and then the testicle removed in the surgery was sent to get whatever was left so it could be frozen and used when it was needed. Being 29 now it’s amazing how my priorities have shifted and how much I was thinking about the future and having a family and kids and before I never really thought about that. After meeting Gisela my life changed dramatically and I quickly was talking about moving in, future, kids, some real life stuff. It is amazing when you meet that person that just opens you up and accepts you for who you are and it just works. I am not being cheesy it is just true and this was the first time in my life I ever felt this way and I couldn’t be happier.

Next Steps

The recovery time wasn’t too bad a couple of weeks and with good enough medicine you can get through anything I am convinced ;) . I basically was waiting on the biopsy and the scheduling for the next surgery which was going to be a big one…. The lymphnode dissection. The Dr. called me about a week or so later and the biopsy was not so good news.

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